Collection ::1:: Launched!!

Collection 1 is LAUNCHED!!! πŸ™‚

Scroll down for this collection’s treasures!

Feel free to leave a comment on this post or email me @ if you have any queries regarding the collection or sales!

At the moment, collection of your buys will be based on Meet-ups. All purchases are handwrapped by yours truly! If you’re purchasing as a gift to a friend or a loved one, do indicate in your email/comment. Special gift-wrapping will be an additonal of $1.50 only.



Checkered Olive (necklace)

Status: Sold

A beautiful full rose pendant of 2.6” diameter, with a fusion of solid olive and checkered fabric. Hangs on a gold chain of 31”in length. Shows character and softness at the same time! A playful and fun piece to have. A fashion statement by itself!


Olive Folds (necklace)

Status: Available

The basic of all my olive rosette pieces in this collection. Simple pendant of 2.9” diameter hanging on brown felt string of maximum 39” of length. Can be shortened with just a tug and a pull at the knots!


Dainty Bloom (necklace)

Status: Available

As its name reckons, a dainty rosette with brown felt leaves, 2.1” by 1.1”, with 30” long. Match it with a couple of short necklaces of different lengths and you have another way to accessorize.


The Reason (necklace)

Status: Available

Every letter hand-embroidered with care. Faith and love loudly translated onto fabric for the brave and bold. Pendant is 2.7” by 1.6”, hanging on a gold chain 27” long. As seen on the Qarah above with a quirky grin- totally giving her approval~!


With Honours (necklace)

Status: Sold

Inspired by a friend whom recently graduated from the university! An elegant yet timeless piece. Pendant is 3.2” by 2.8”, hanging on agold chain of 24.8” with matching clasp.


The Circus (necklace)

Status: Sold

Colours of the sky and ground, making this piece look happy. 2.1” in diameter, hanging on a 25”gold chain.



Denim Bloom (necklace)

Status: Sold

Combination of beads, felt and jean material on a diameter of 2.4”. Great to display a funky side of you. Use it on everything; from boring work shirts to elastic headbands and scarves. Or even swaddles on babies as seen on Qarah!


Olive Ripples (necklace)

Status: Available

Simple folds of olives to create a tight bloom of rose 2.5” in diameter. Use it on bags or bibs (!) as seen on a satiated Qarah.



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