Customised pieces!!

Have been spending some time doing customizations requested by friends! Trying to get the design and colours right in order to match their style and character was not easy. But watching them receive the packages and eagerly unraveling them to see what’s inside was real satisfying! Thank God they were very satisfied with what each of them got! Definetely worth all the time spent through the wee hours of the night the past few days. So just thought that I could share it with you guys.

Pictures are taken with my iPhone 4 and Canon Digi IXUS 120 IS. So please excuse the lesserΒ quality!! πŸ™‚

Β Β 


In the midst of completing the adorable Felt Hairclips for Natalie, a friend’s niece!

And these are the finished products! πŸ™‚ This was really fun to make. And for once, I’m appreciative of my smaller than the norm hands cos these were just so delicate to make.


Now this was a challange set for me by my friend, Grace. She refused to pick anything ready-made off the shelf and wanted me to do something I thought that SHE would wear. And can I say that this suits her to the T! Grace even planned her wardrobe today in a way that she could flaunt this necklace.! And I say, “Flaunt away!”


For those of you darlings who’re wondering how your purchase would be wrapped when they arrive in your hands, I hope this would give you a pretty good idea! Every purchase of Adorninglory’s pieces will be contained in a transparent Zip-lock bag, bubble-wrapped if need be, and placed in cute doley-ed vintage-looking brown paper bags. (Whao that’s a mouthful! But you get the idea!)

For myself, I love it when I purchase stuff online and finally have them arrive with wrapping that’s just so careful put together, making me feel like it’s Christmas/or my birthday! So if you’re getting it for a friend, no need to worry on the wrapping!

But of course if you require a more elaborate gift wrapping, details are available here!


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