Morning Monday!

Most of my friends and the peopl I know are addicted to Twitter or Facebook. But for me it has to be Instagram. For the simple reason that I love to take pictures of pretty things! Anything that is pleasing to my eye! So having the Instagram app is a great deal of entertainment to me. For example, I’m quite embarrased to say this but  most of the days when I wake up in the morning, still in the midst of half-awakeness, I would wanna just spend 2 minutes lying in bed, checking on the pictures uploaded by people I follow on Instagram. It kinda wakes me up, bring my focus back to conciousness. 🙂 Hee.

Okay so the purpose of this post is really to share with you darlings some of my daily outfits and accessories. Funny thing is that ever since I started designing and creating accessories back when i was 18 (?), I tend to accesorize much less. Especially with earrings. I guess it’s cos my hair started growing out, and I always thought it would be so much chic-er to match chunkier earrings with short hair which i used to have. But prior to that, I spent SO MUCH on earrings! Ohhh, I most definetely did. 


So yeah, getting to the point.



Right to left, top bottom:

1) My one & only Calvin Klein Rose Gold Watch (somehow I can’t find it online) that I ♥ so much, with a pair of thrifted leather bands.
2) Rainbow crayon drawn on me by the cutest friend with tribal-looking bands 3-for-$10.
3) Wrist bands with beaded thick panel bracelet.
4) Stripped top and grey trousers (both from BKK at different timings) with tribal embroideried slick belt from F21.
5) Black wedges from Hauteurban at $33.
6) Brown leather platforms flea-ed with the resident cat.
7) Stripped top with necklace from F21 with fushia wedges from Mitju.
8 ) Beaded sandals from Charles & Keith! Love the chunky-ness and attitude it gives but I still turn to good ol’ slippers for comfort.

Right to left, top bottom:

1) Beige blazer with eyelet-collared tank.
2) Ruffle necklaces made by yours truly somewhere last year. Real easy to match to my surprise!
3) Laced crop top over blue tank with big-ass beaded ring from BKK.
4) Knitted cap in beige from The Everyday Store.
5) Stretchable-laced shawl (still amazed with material) from Aussie, complimets of a friend; with MAD- Making A Difference badge from my church!
6) Tube chiffon maxi with vintage necklace from store at Haji Lane for Sunday’s best. 
      *Tip: always dress up and comfy to see Jesus. 😉


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