Book-pressed Flowers (TGIF!)

(flowers are scanned in with colour, click on picture for a better view)

I love flowers. And I have this really bad habit of plucking them off the streets (relax they’re wild flowers), my garden and random flowers that I receive or bought myself and just slip them in between pages of my diary or bible. Heh.  Especially when you have nice smelling flowers like lavender, rose petals.. My stalk of lavender gave a slight pleasant smell to my bible. Which is why I love flipping those pages and just putting it up against my nose to breathe in all that light-scented pages. Hahaha.

I guess any book will do the trick but a thick and heavy one would most likely produce a better effect. Unlike potpourri, pressed flowers/petals turn out to be softer to the touch and you can still kinda feel the tiny fibres when you run your fingers over the stalks.

Should you wanna try book- pressing flowers, I would suggest your use a diary/journal, a bible, or a notebook you’ll likely turn the pages daily. Just slide them in between random pages, or pages that contain special dates (for journals). And when the page-flip comes for that day, you might have totally forgotten about it’s existance and get pleasanty surprised by them. And you’ll definetely see the difference from when they were still fresh! That’s the joy I get from this really simple project.


Just to sidetrack a lil’, Adorninglory’s 2nd Collection will be up soon! As soon as the pictures and measurements are done, they’ll be available next Thursday, 18 Aug 2011! Here’s one taken with my iPhone and uploaded to my instagram:


Have a great Friday darlings! And enjoy every bit of the weekends before the crazy week begins again!


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