Collection ::2:: sneakpeak!

Hello you! How’s it so far for you on this gloomy rainy Monday? Monday’s not exactly my favourite day but I’m just so excited about launching the 2nd collection this Thursday, getting everything ready!!

There’s just so many things to do for 1 collection it’s unheard of! And since it’s a one-man show in my case, I just want everything to be really nicely done! Am really hyped up for the new collection which has much more colour and variations compared to the 1st Collection!

There’s gonna be the typical necklaces, but bigger and better, plus brooches and hair accessories as well. Have added some new simple elements to the photoshoot this time round as well, in order to help you guys better vision how the accessories can compliment your outfit.

Took it on myself to have a bit of fun with the photoshoot on the new collection and this is the end result:

Only when I shot it did I realise that it had the shape of Singapore! So yeah, I guess this is my demonstration of myΒ patriotism following onΒ National Day. Β Heh.

Hope you’re looking forward to the next collection as much as I am!!


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