Collection ::2:: Launched!!

Collection :: 2 ::

Status: Launched!

Scroll down for this collection’s treasures!

Feel free to leave a comment on this post or email me @ if you have any queries regarding the collection or sales!
I do meet-ups as well as mailing. Payment has to be made before purchase is mailed out.  All purchases are handwrapped by yours truly. If you’re purchasing as a gift to a friend or a loved one, do indicate in your email/comment. Special gift-wrapping will be an additonal of $1.50 only.

Customizations are also available, so do comment or email me as well!
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Rustic Love (necklace)

Status: Sold

A rustic/vintage piece. Took me some time to think of how to complete this piece but it was worth it! Has a big bloom similar to Olive Folds as seen in the 1st Collection, with 3 rosettes that pops in a 3D way. Pendant size is 4.9” by 2.7”, hanging on brown faux leather string with maximum length 28.3”.



Blazin Lovin (brooch, hairclip)

Status: Available

The petals are carefully cut out and beads sewn on one by one. Took quite some time to complete this beauty. With a radius of 2.6”, you can use it as a brooch on your bag or scarf; it also acts as a hairclip!


Something Blue (hairclip)

Status: Sold

This piece was inspired by all those romantic/comedy wedding flicks like “The Brides War” where they will always mention this saying: Something old, something new, something borrowed something Blue. And so this fits the category of “Something blue”! Size is 2” in diameter.



Fireworks Joy (brooch, hairclip, necklace)

Status: Sold

Made out of different sizes of felt strips, this piece turned out to be a piece that really pops! Looks great as a hairclip, brooch on a plain basic dress or a necklace! Someone say: Versatile~. Pendant is 3.2” by 2.6”, silver chain of 22” included.


Curtsy Skirt (necklace)

Status: Sold

A really cute and simple piece, with small details, denim on felt. A really comfortable piece to look at. And the folds just adds another layer to the necklace. Pendant is 3.5” by 2”, with gold chain of 26.8” in length.


Make Me Denim (necklace)

Status: Sold

A very simple piece, not many designs or patterns except for the jeans material’s own grains. Wear it over a plain white tee on lazy days! Pendant has radius 2.2”, hanging on a silver chain of 28.3”.


Shade of Red (necklace)

Status: Sold

This one’s a beauty that pops on no matter what you wear it against! With braided red cotton stripes that as a bit of dark blue stripes that catches your eye here and there, and a small grey rosette at the side to tone it down a lil’. Pendant size is 4.9” by 2.4”, hanging on dark brown faux leather string with maximum length 25.6”.


Garden Wonder (necklace)

Status: Sold

Something to make you heart skip a little bit. Made up of 5 different felt rosettes hand sewn with some colored beads to make the whole piece pop! Perfect to match your dress for a Sunday brunch or if you’re going for a garden wedding. Pendant is 3.5” by 2”, hanging on a gold chain of 24” with matching clasp.


Come Away (necklace)

Status: Sold

Personally I love this piece a lot!. It’s bold but not overbearing, perfect to match with a flora picnic dress. A combination of 3 different material in one piece: satin, cotton and denim. Pendant is 4.5” by 2.6”, hanging on a dark brown faux leather string of maximum 25.6” of length.



2 thoughts on “Collection ::2:: Launched!!

  1. Hey dear!

    Finally saw ur collection, and I love it. Could you reserve the rustic love and make me denim please? I’ll pass u the money on sat gen rev?

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