Fri-ter-day, according to a friend of mine, refers to the weekends- a combo of Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
So say it fast and it’ll be “Friterday”.

1) Cotton ball-like clouds to greet me
2) Lobster Pasta in Garlic Cream Sauce with roe from Mad For Garlic. Early birthday with my family and it was just amazing!
3) Red roses in front of a closed-down Borders @ The Wheelock Place down town. Epic black humor.
4) Gorgous gorgeous peacock cascading necklace from Accessorize that is just so stunning. And it comes with matching earrings.     Was so tempted.

1) My usual beads with watch combi. Same old same old.
2) I pulled off a daisy printed high-waist shorts at work on a casual Friday with a light-linen white shirt & sandals! Tee Hee. Got it on a sale from New Look.
3) Crotchet lace cape-top from Bugis Street paired with grey leggings with hair pulled to a ponytail for my favorite day of the week- Sunday! With rings from Accessorize and Chatuchak Market in Bangkok.
4) My first ever trenchcoat! From Monsoon sale at $60 after less from original price of $199.90!!! You can’t really see the cutting but it’s got a really nice A-line shape to it which is so flattering! It will travel with me to Taipei early January and Aussie during July next year!!


And now it’s time to go to bed and nurse that flu of mine!


2 thoughts on “Fri-ter-day

  1. It’s very exiting to find your site. What a splendid blog! I love how comprehensive each of the entries are. They are well balanced, both cognitive and entertaining, and the pictures are great too.

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