Glorious 23!

I’m officially 23 years old last Saturday! Celebrations were just simple food affairs with some close friends. Had a surprise dinner on the day before the actual day at Mad Jack Cafe Bukit Timah which was sooo fun! Was supposed to be just a casual dinner and fellowship with my gang but the moment I got off the bus I was being “blind-folded” with a cardigan and led into the cafe! “Blind-folded” because my girlfriend basically covered my ENTIRE face while leading me to the Cafe!!! I was like “ahhh!!”, screaming while walking there. And when they unveiled the cardigan from my face (FACE!!), I was surprised by a sweet sweet bouquet in front of me, plus my friends sitting around on chairs with helium balloons tied to each chair!! It was quite a sight but I didn’t take a picture of it. 😦

But I felt sooo loved!! So special and priviledged to be treated that way. We then headed for ice cream and fellowship, and a really funny birthday prayer to sum up my last day of being 22.

And yes, I hand-held all 9 balloons and the bouquet home and made one of the girls take the picture on the bus. Hee.

And on the actual day itself (Saturday), my girlies and I went for a Dim Sum Buffet Lunch @ The Fullerton Hotel!
With all of us decked out in our “tai-tai” fashion, we ate to the brim and sat there, wishing we had booked a room so that we could just go and lie on the beds and be still for the rest of the day.

I wore a fuchsia dress that I purchased from F21 a couple weeks ago. Perfect for the day and the oh-so-soft material was sooo comfortable! But halfway through the day I slowly removed the waist belt I wore. Haha. Aren’t my girlfriends all so glorious? πŸ™‚

I feel so blessed. So so blessed and satisfied with all the love I have received. Such bliss is not replaceable by any material thing.

So, how was your Fri-ter-day?


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