Don’t bite them nails!

(inspired by here)

(inspired by here)

*nails diy-ed by myself mostly using colours from FaceshopΒ and other cheap nail colour buys from all over

I love everything DIY-ed! Mostly cos they give me such a sense of achievement that I can make/do stuff with minimal money spent rather than get it elsewhere where prices are marked up. Don’t get me wrong, I still love going for mani-pedis with girlfriends and feel like a princess having my nails done by someone else.

But when your nails are too short or you just wanna try out something with your nail buys (I have a lot of impulsive buys), diy-ing nails yourself is always fun!

If you’re wondering why my nails get shorter and shorter (yes I have small hands), that’s cos I find having long nails difficult to handle crafts.

Happy Monday!

Inspired by Love,Maegan


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