Collection ::3:: Launched!!


Collection :: 3 ::

Status: Launched!

Scroll down for this collection’s treasures!

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I do meet-ups as well as mailing. Payment has to be made before purchase is mailed out.  All purchases are handwrapped by yours truly. If you’re purchasing as a gift to a friend or a loved one, do indicate in your email/comment. Special gift-wrapping will be an additonal of $1.50 only.

**Customizations are warmly welcome!! So do comment or email me as well!
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A Dream is a Wish (necklace)

Status: Sold

Yes I adopted the name of this piece from the infamous theme song of Disney’s Cinderella (if you have not heard of it, GO GOOGLE IT!!); and yes, it’s inspired by a dream catchers! I really had fun making this piece, taking time to bead it and sew the details on! Pendant is 2.1” by 3.5”” with faux brown leather string  with maximum length of 30”.


Lacey Disc (necklace)

Status: Sold

Along with “Flag It!” and “Panel of Laces”, this piece shares the same delicate ivory-white ribbon trim lace against rosy-pink felt. Simple yet elegant to give a gentle “oomph” to your outfit. Disc is of radius 1.7”, hanging on a chain 28.2” long with matching clasp.


Flag it! (necklace)

Status: Sold

A single bunting with ivory-white ribbon trim lace against the sweetest shade of baby pink felt is this sweet lil thing! Something simple yet happy to wear to a party or just a walk down the streets. Turn it around on days when you feel like having some block colours. Pendant is 2.5” by 2.5” with a bronze chain of 24” in length with matching clasp.


Panel of Laces (necklace)

Status: Sold

This piece is a classic vintage match of the soft of ivory-white ribbon trim lace and grey felt, and the solid beige panel of parquet for an earthy feel. It wears horizontally across with a pendant of 2.4” by 1.6” and bronze chain of 25.3” with matching clasp.


Burning Flames (necklace)

Status: Sold

This piece has a really edgy feel to it and will definitely give your outfit a little attitude with its edgy cuts and earthy tones. Wear it long, flaunt it off! Pendant is 2.5” by 2” with gold chain of 28” with matching clasp.


Sweet Tulip (necklace)

Status: Available

Made up of 6 different patterned felt leaves, this tulip- shaped necklace is a play with the eye. It tells a different story everytime you look at it from a different perspective. But I chose to see the cluster of leaves as a beautiful sweet tulip. Pendant is 1.6” by 2” with bronze chain of 30”.


Shy Courage (necklace)

Status: Sold

Similar to Sweet Tulip, I used different patterned leaves made with satin, lace and jean material to create this piece. The individual leaves are layered upon each other to create a pop- art effect. Fun to match with a plain shirt and jeans outfit or class it up with your own unique style! Pendant is 1.8” by 3.3” with bronze chain of 29.2” with matching clasp.


Full Bloom (Hair band, wrist band)

Status: Sold

The petals for this beautiful flower were individually cut and then sewn together and the details provides a delicate look. Beautiful as a wrist band and fun and cute as a hair band.  I always find hair bands a nice way to accessorize without much fuss! Flower is 2.8” in radius with black band of 5.5”.


Grecian Beauty (Hair band, wrist band)

Status: Sold

This baby is made of grey cotton and soften up by beautiful beige chiffon. Flower is 2.3” in radius with black band of 5.3”.


Country Chic (Hair band, wrist band)

Status: Sold

With the shape of my usual rosette, this piece is highlighted with deep maroon beads sewn on in the middle. A very soft and country feel to it. Flower is 2.2” in radius with black band of 5.2”.


That’s all for now y’all!

Don’t forget that all these creations are ONE PIECE ONLY!! Gotta order it fast~!

And see you at the flea market at *Scape this Saturday!!  😉


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