The way I see it

I love Fri-ter-days! And my past Friterday has been a busy one. Looking back now to those days where I used to sleep through half of a Saturday, I can’t believe the amount of things I do on weekends. And I love it. I love that I am kept busy, busy but not weary and tired. Always fruitful and satisfying.

Had a flea on Saturday at *Scape! Rented a stall along with 3 other girlfriends of mine, selling clothes from pre-loved to brand new items. They were darlings to let me have the whole table for displaying AG items while they used racks, luggages and table cloths to display their clothes. Was really excited for AG to make its first ever appearance off-line that I spent the whole week buying materials and making things like namecards! If you follow AG on Facebook, you would have noticed that I started making a lot of headbands within a short span of 3 nights. So here’re some pictures:

PS: Those beautiful headbands will also be available for purchase in the upcoming 4th Collection!


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