Ask and receive!

New shoes that are not as friendly as they look and bag!!  Chloe, the mom of baby Qarah (who models for my creations sometimes), blessed me with my new Zara bag as a belated birthday gift!  How sweet of her!! I felt so loved I couldn’t stop thanking her. And she got irritated after a while. Haha.



What do you guys think of this ring? It’s designed by a close friend of mine whom I’ve known since my early teens. Caught up with her for a late long lunch. Every time we meet I’m reminded by how dreams come true. Jolie is not just a friend, but someone who is very dear because of the similarity of our dreams. And I’m so happy for what she has achieved already. Her designs which you can see at OOAKJEWELS  are very individualistic and mind-blowing. Will blog more about her designs in days to come!





 (click on each pic for larger view)

… annnnd the fun continues with my nail-painting hobby! All these 3 different styles in ONE week.
(click for more inspirations)


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