Weave on



(click on each pic for a larger view!)


If you have been following Adorninglory on Facebook, you’d know that I’ve been experimenting on weaving with a cotton twine ball and I’m going a bit crazy with it!. The initial purpose of the cotton twine was for gift-packaging Adorninglory purchases, but one night I kinda decided to use them to braid in a simlar fashion of friendship bands and thought it looked real good! And I got so pleased with the results that I started making more of them!!

These babies turned out to be pretty fun to make but patience is definetely a must. Cos sometimes I tend to loose my train of thought and forget where I stopped, or which twine I should tie next. My hands got so cramped after finishing the 2 pieces above though, especially when the twine is pretty thick and rough on the fingers. I had to spam hand moisturizer before going to sleep lest my hands  turn out to look like they belong to an 80 years old lady.

So far the response I got from posting them on Facebook and Instagram @ Haylee Sofia has been pretty good, so I’ll be making more of them for future collections! Stay tuned dears!


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