Collection ::4:: Add-ons!

One more for the win!


One can’t have too many girlfriends. And I’m uber blessed to have so many of them! So after church service last Sunday, I got 3 of my girls to model the headbands from Collection ::4:: for me! You might remember seeing glimpses of them in my birthday post  ;). I figured you lovelies would be able better picture these creations on yourself much easier!

Scroll on down, and I’ll introduce them girls along the way!


Sweet sweet Tryphena modeling Romanov– newly added, and Trinity Too! I’m always shocked when we get on the subject of her age- she’s not even legal yet. But this babe has such maturity beyond her years oozing out of her.




Evan, the woman of unique wisdom and a darling who knows that God is with her.
She models Ferris, Sweet Beauty, Waves and Glorious.
Always in her own world but speaks with such weightiness in her words. Darling friend indeed!


Beautiful Rach models Trinity and Yolk. Both of us didn’t think she would be suitable for modeling headbands but I LOVE the photos that came out!! Can’t help but pride myself for having such an amazing friend inside-out by my side.


There were so many more pictures that I took during the shoot and I would love to share them with you.

Do visit AG’s Facebook page to view those behind the scene photos!!













4 thoughts on “Collection ::4:: Add-ons!

  1. Headbands are the perfect fashion accessory! Bright colors on darker hair and the opposite on lighter hair can be a very striking combination. I tend to not give myself enough time to get ready in the morning, and thus am not able to do anything with my hair. I have a lot of it, so I don’t like to just leave it there unattended-looking. So i stick a headband in it and it does wonders! I’ve been working on adding a bunch of new headbands and barrettes to my Etsy shop, so that hopefully they will be discovered with women with my same problem: lots of hair, but not a lot of time! 🙂

    • Hi Megan! Just took a quick look at your creations and wow! There must’ve been some extensive work going on! Your designs look amazing!

      And you’re so right about headbands in the morning. I can be so lazy about doing my hair when it takes forever even to think of what to wear! 🙂

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