Overly ambitious

Hey guys! How did your weekend go? Mine felt like it was non-existant. I remember waking up Monday morning feeling like it should still be a Sunday… Anyways, I took to a material-hunting trip for the new collections with my girlfriends. It turned out to be kinda a shopping trip as well. Hee. Lemme show you some of what I got!



Peacock long necklace with an ethnic feel to it. Got it for only $15.90 and I was supper hyped cos it is such a good alternative to the one I found at Accessorize which costs like 2 times more during August.

The one on the right is a vintage piece which I got for $22 after some bargaining. It’s lined with white crystals with a blue emerald crystal in the middle. All fake of course. According to the shop owner it was from the ’70s from England, which, I kinda doubt. But I just love it!! The more I look at it, the deeped I fell in love withΒ it. πŸ™‚


And I bought some cloth as well. Planning on making a dress with the pink lace. Which turns out to be overly ambitious for me, without any prior experience. So I tried making it last night with 50% help from both my parents and I ended up getting my dad to help me with the sewing. Hahahah. I shall endeavour to complete one another time with an easier cloth material to deal with :/. And with the other one, I made a “grandma coin purse” and added 2 orange rosettes upcycled from a jersey t-shirt.


I thought it was pretty cute! Despite the handiwork being a bit rough for a first time project. I’m definetely gonna give it another go again soon and even consider selling these cuties in my collections!




For what’s available in my previous collections, do click hereΒ to view and start shopping!!!



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