Pinterest-ed in me?

As you guys know, my creations in Adorninglory are all one-piece-each. Which means that I do not make two pieces that are of the same exact designs. Similar elements do appear here and there, but never identical. And trust me, I do get the fear that it might come to a point someday where I suddenly run out of ideas, run out of inspiration, unique pieces to make. And once I allow that thought to linger just a few seconds longer in my mind, that excruciating thought unfolds itself into an extremely drama-filled play.

So today I’m gonna share with you a new way I keep my inspiration going!

Pinterest must be a girl’s best friend. Especially those who are very visual and pictorial in terms of imagination, and I most definetely am one of ’em! Pinterest allows one to create a virtual board of different themes. One of which I find is most useful is for Weddings!

Here’re some of my boards for you to feast your eyes upon!

For the Home
I’m actually moving house in 3 months’ time (yay en bloc!). Which is totally a mixture of feelings cos I’m gonna be leaving a house where I’ve spent 17 years of my life in. But on the other hand, I can’t wait for the new place cos it’s really awesome and much more spacious! On top of that, I’m also expanding my creativty towards home decor. So what you see here are some ideas that I can only lust after but some ideas you might see in my new place!

My Style
And of course, nobody will forgo a chance of identifying their on unique style. With so much mainstream styles going on, it’s important to not inject some personality of your own into what you wear. Cos that’s where your confidence and comfort comes from. From nails to hair, whatever I would use or wear, you’d find it here.

Craft Ideas
I really thank God for the internet. Cos you get to find amazing tutorials on how to make A LOT OF THINGS. And really bless the souls of those who take time to do the tutorials. Often then not, I pick up my skills from these tutorials. And so this is my fountain of inspiration, among other Sources.

Wedding Ideas
And of course, the mother of all dreams of every girl: Weddings! I have nothing else to describe but that what I managed to find and repin are just magnificent in beauty. From exquisite weddings gowns to those breath-taking vintage wedding rings, I love them all. :’)

I have a few other boards that are on my Pinterest as well so do go on and take a peek and follow me if you fancy what you see! I’ll constantly be updating my boards as I spend A LOT of time on it. Heh. And do stay tuned here as I’ll be sharing some of the amazing stuff I find there! πŸ™‚

To direct to my Pinterest, click on the tear drop on the right of this blog that says “Pin”!

Blessed weekend dearies!


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