As we adorn..


As tomorrow’s a public holiday, I’m gonna be heading out tonight for a dinner and drinks combo with my girls! Can’t wait! The last time we did that was months ago during Chinese New Year. So excited for all the fun and talk we’re gonna have! So I wore my short kimono dress that I bought ages ago and matched it with 2 necklaces and beaded sandals . My reversed french manicuredΒ nails were inspired by this awesome look that I found on Pinterest (it’s a well of inspirations I tell you).




Made this last night, inspired by this tutorialΒ through hereΒ but did a little play up with some light embroidery in the middle! I made this into a brooch as well as a hair clip.

Do try it out if you can! Pretty repetitive to make mainly cos you gotta cute and sew/glue every single petal one by one. But the result was so satisfying! Plus the tutorial is really easy to follow!

DIY away!


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