Same time same date

I never truly understood the hype about the same numericals on a date or time sorta thing.

But as they say, if you can’t beat’em, join’em!





My gang of close friends were having a group chat on the iPhone when one of my girls suddenly mentioned the 11:11 and I decided that we could all take a screen shot and got them to send it to me so I could share it with you guys.

Some didn’t manage to catch the time so one of them suggested to cheat a little and adjust the clock. And then more started flooding in. Heh!

The first 3 screenshots have been edited to be posted on Instagram, which explains the shortened length. Mine’s the very first one which says: The Best Is Yet To Come.

And there’s definetely a pinch of fun in seeing what your friends have as their cellphone wallpaper. Simply because each of them represents what they are believing for in their lives, what they hold dear to their hearts, and the vision of love they have. All different messages and images, but pointing to the same One.




And some nail art to inspire you for your weekend!



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