Piece of heaven

Had the chance to visit the flower nursery again last Saturday and it was awesome with a “brrr”~. Was pouring heavily before I went over and my friend and I had to look for fresh cut-flowers, which meant we had to go into the cold room. And the first time I went, I was awe-struck and stood there for a good whole minute before I could walk again.

Anyways, just some pictures I snapped there!



These cotton stalks are absolutely dreammmmmmy~~. I feel in love with them when I saw them usedΒ with Elizabeth Dye’s wedding dresses:


And FRESH Lavender……. I picked up that bouquet and literally walked around smelling them while pondering if I should buy them for myself. By the way, Lavender is my most most MOST favorite out of all flowers πŸ™‚ Not really sure why but they’re just my favorite. Could be that they smell like spa, and the fact that you almost don’t see them fresh here in SG!!

I didn’t get them by the way. 😦



Dyed roses in bewildering colours! I’m not sure if I would wanna receive these but it was sure a sight to feast on!



And then they had to have ROWS of REAL CHRISTMAS TREES!!! Honest to God, I have never seen or touched a REAL christmas tree ever in my lifetime until last Saturday!! My friend and I went nuts and started snapping pictures. And ohh what a warmth I felt in my heart, knowing Christmas in drawing near.




And to digress a bit with showing you a lil sneak peak of what is coming up in AG’s Christmas Collection..

This IS, afterall, a blogshop πŸ˜‰




This basic muslin tote bag with a bit of spice of design would be the perfect practical gift for your loved one! It was time-consuming to make but I loved how this one turned out. I might even be keeping this for myself. Hehehehe. So there’s gonna be lots more designs and I’ve already started receiving requests of customizing Β specific designs.

Customizing is the best way to represent someone’s personality and character so do start sending in whatever requests you might have!


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