Wrap it like you mean it!

Over the years, I’ve grown in the love of giving presents very much! Especially having to be able to bless the people around me with stuff that they want and need. That joy of seeing their responds is just way too precious that it comes to a point where the money spent doesn’t matter anymore. So goes the saying: Use money, love people!

And I’m always very eager to sit down with all my tape, wrapping paper and scissors and start wrapping once the presents I’ve gotten hold of them! And seeing them all wrapped up, sitting there looking pretty, I feel that their short-lived glory is worth it.

So here goes some inspirations for the coming Christmas!!:

It’s so convenient now to wrap gifts with all the pretty images printed on wrapping paper and all. Customize them by printing your own motives on A3/A4 size paper and print them out! Or even use pages of magazines, newspaper or even maps to wrap’em.

(Source: A Woman’s Haven)

(Source: Allora Handmade)

(Source: Luxe + Lillies)


Ties (ribbons, twines, tape)
Simplicity could just be the best way to get your wrapped presents noticed in a sea of patterns. Add a pretty ribbon to perfect the look!

(Source: Lovely Tape

(Source: AG’s own)

(Source: Unknown- do comment if you know!)


This is one way to make the present receiver feel like he/she has already received a present without opening it. The wrapping itself is already a present! Or at least that’s how I would feel πŸ˜‰

(Source: Compaiblog)

(Source: Gather Love)

(Source: Giver’s Log)

(Source: Martha Stewart)



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