Viewing pleasures


Last Saturday morning was spent at my friend’s place, helping her decorate her massive REAL Christmas tree. Was a pretty awesome experience, with the musky, woody smell of the tree in her house. Exhausting but I love πŸ™‚ She was running her tree’s theme around the colours: red, pink and gold.

Isnt’ the massive gold ribbon cute!!!

Went back to her place last night and added purple-pink glitter ribbons around her tree with a really special ornament!

AG’s first big orders of 33 fabric rosettes and felt flowers (as seen in Collection 6 as Pods).

Did some rosettes in a new satin ribbon. I love the crimson πŸ™‚

Some scenes from work this week! Especially wanna take that lamp home… and aren’t those plates stunning?
And I set my gift-wrapping skills into action on the 3 boxes you see above! Would love to receive my Christmas gifts wrapped so nicely!


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