Weekend in pictures

Friday: Attended my first Christmas party of the year! And what a way to get the ball rolling with an amazing bunch of people! Didn’t really get permission from the rest (around 36 turned up) so I’m just gonna post pictures of me and a couple of close friends. It was awesome. We had games, gift exchange and a really fun photo booth- with really crazy props that we got from Daiso. So glad that we did the photo booth! It was a hot favorite and everybody loved the fishing net which was my crazy idea. Hahaha. Everyone had a blast and the company was just too awesome, especially with Jesus there with us πŸ˜‰

Saturday: I just discovered the best ever Christmas gift to give in mass! I bought like a huge bunch of those red and black pens from Muji, and made rosettes in 4 different colours to attach on black elastic bands and VOILA! We have a cute pen topper! These are probably less than $3 each to make but of course you need to have time and patience. Handed them out during our Christmas Youth Service and my friends were really happy to receive something handmade and special!

Sunday: Wore my new necklace from Bugis Street earlier that week- feathersssss! Hee. I’m still a sucker at buying cheap accessories despite being able to make’em.
Check out Collection 6 for feather-inspired accesories I made!


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