Corporate Affair




I’ve heard feedback from my friends before saying that there should be more of my face on this blog. So well, here you go hee! Just a few pics of what I wore for my company’s Dinner and Dance event on the Monday and Tuesday that just passed! The theme was “Paramount”. But obviously, I refused to wear a Cheong Sam and dressed up with a modern twist!

The first white lace dress was the one I wore to my friend’s ethnic wedding last NovemberΒ but matched it with a bold orange/hot pink braided choker which I got from F21. Pity I didn’t have time to make something!

On the 2nd day I wore my ChristmasΒ present from my dear friend Jess, even thoughΒ I picked it out myself hee! Got it from here. And boy were the falsieslong! I told the make-up artist that I was gonna wear glasses so don’t bother with the falsies but she insisted, and fanned them high up almost touching my eyebrows! But I loved it! And my mom got a scare when I got home cos she couldn’t recognize me in the dark with all that make up.




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