Welcome to Taiwan!

I know I know, I promised pictures eons ago. Nonetheless, here they are now!

Taiwan’s a place where everything’s inclusive- sight-seeing, shopping, eating.. They have it all. This was my first trip of the year and my first trip to Taiwan as well. We did a lot of one-day tours to mainly the mountains areas at the north of Taiwan. I literary overcame mountains at the start of this new year! So it was pretty tiring. But I would love to go back there again, maybe another season of the year (I visited during winter) to experience a different side of the country!

Pictures ahead!



In SG, there’s just no way to be able to wear so many layers and feel cool which is why I loved the weather there! While I was packing, I was really packing for a fashion show HEE. And it really helps a lot by planning out your outfits as you pack. And a lot of basics to mix and match!


And boy there are just such amazing scenery surrounding. Pity there was too much fog everywhere if not I would have shot more pictures. These are basically taken from my Instagram (hayleesofia).



And fooooddddd. SG 7 ELEVEN, WHY YOU NO TEA EGGS??




This was my reunion dinner this afternoon! First meal with the entire family ever since we moved in to the new house!

Here’s to a Blessed Chinese New Year!



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