Love is..

How was Valentine’s Day for you guys yesterday?

I celerbrated a quiet one with Jesus πŸ™‚ my ultimate Lover.

And I made breakfast for dinner while watching the latest episode of “How I Met Your Mother” and then relieved “A Walk to Remember”. Absolutely love it when I have the whole house to myself!

Was inspired to make Milo-flavoured crepes with recipe from hereΒ but somehow it turned out like a pancake. Heh. Sigh, I truly am not a dessert-maker. Scrambled some eggs and smoked ham to go with it. And of course, the chocolate with choc-chip ice cream and fresh blueberries, altogether on the same plate! Dinner and dessert. I probably had my dinner for 1.5 hours (!!!) cos I was just so full after the eggs and ham.


Continuing my canvas projects after my first painting, I started on my second canvas last Saturday afternoon!

This was what I wanted to emulate:


So I sketched out with pencil on the canvas first,

Chose the colours that I wanted to use (here I used acrylic paint). Just get the basic colours and you can mix them to whatever texture and shade you want!



Filling in the colours.. having fun blending the different shades together..

and.. voila!

Compare and contrast!

Pictures were taken with my iPhone which thus explains the lack in quality plus my light was too yellowish. Do pardon!
I was thoroughly satisfied with the end result, despite the obvious differences in skills. And all these painting has really pysched me up for starting a home decor section for AG!




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