::Collection 9:: sneakpeek + easter weekend

Hey ladies! Collection 9 is launching soon- this Saturday.
There’s gonna be lots of block colours in this collection. And a few spiral earrings that are as fun to wear as they were to make! If you follow me on Instagram (Adorninglory) or Facebook, you would’ve seen a picture of me wearing a pair myself! Nonetheless, here it is:

I personally LOVE earrings! Have always and always will. Especially during my short hair phase a few years back. It was the bigger the better for me. But then through the years, I switched to wearing more ear studs instead of dangling ones cos they’re just so heavy!! While I make it a point to make necklaces that are pretty and light-weighted, I’ve been wanting to extend the same loving kindness to my ears. So voila! I wore them out last Saturday and they were as light as a feather! Loved it!

They come in 3-tier and 7-tier (I’m wearing the 3-tierd in the pic above).


Here’s a picture of my hot mama-friend wearing “Blush” from Collection 8. Loving the colour on her, knowing how much she loves pink omg. We did some baking at her house on Saturday and we felt like we just climbed a mountain!!! We made a Red Velvet cake and about a dozen of cupcakes. And as you can tell from the pictures below, we aren’t that great in frosting. That’s why we needed to get cute little candied-hearts to salvage the presentation.

Spent my Easter weekend at home, sleeping a lot, making another fabric bridal bouquet with my favorite Person ever- Jesus. Communing with the Father over all that Jesus has done through the cross. :’) And not just taking time during this season of celebration but making it a point of remembering and beholding the finsihed work of Christ everyday. How wonderful, this God who lives. My glorious Saviour and Redeemer.



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