Marked and chosen

Went for my very first Marked Camp by my church (for young single working adults) a couple of weeks ago. Super grateful for the time away from everything else just to spend some time with sweet Jesus. πŸ™‚Β It was so awesome I didn’t wanna go back home from KL where we were at. The presence of Jesus was just so super sweet. And needless to say, my life will never be the same.




The hotel we stayed at throughout the whole 5 days of the camp was at The Palace of the Golden Horses. Literally, Golden Horses. And palace indeed. The hotel was soooo big that it too some of us 15 mins or more to walk from our rooms to the ballroom where we had our meals and services everyday. But oh the rooms… so spacious and comfortable! Albeit the service provided wasn’t that fantastic. It took forever for room service to arrive. At our last night there, the campΒ committee organized a Dinner & Dance for us to just dress up and have fun! So I took the chance to make myself a necklace to wear for the night!

Am in love with the dreamy look the white silk roses gave. With the milky hues of the purple beads, it’s picture perfect! It’sΒ definitely a statement piece I will be wearing a lot to weddings and such occasions.

That’s me in my royal blue dress from MDS Collections. Got it for $18 while it was on sale but paid another $18 for alterations cos it was too big… T.T Β But it fit so well and compliments my body shape so I have no qualms about it now! πŸ˜‰



*Cue sudden end of post.


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