Hillsong Conference 2012




Since I haven’t had much time to spend on Adorninglory lately, I might as well share with you my life story 🙂 in hope that you’re interested. Well, even if you weren’t I would still blog so yeah. Heh.

Just a few glimpse of what’s happening recently in my awesome life 😉

With so many things happening for me this season, Jesus decided that it’d be apt to just sweep me away to Aussie with Him to remind me how captivating He is; and how much He is in control. Last year being a year of confusion and messiness, this year, 2012, Daddy God really showed me how He is in control, and that He’s putting everything in place, accordingly to His divine order. And I shan’t be afraid. ♥

Hillsong Conference Australia is a church conference put together every year for the past 25 years (if I’m not wrong) by the Hillsong Church. And year after year, people from all over the world gather together in this conference for one reason and one reason only- JESUS. Regardless of denomination, country, race, people come to be loved and to know Love even more. And it was just so mind-blowing for me this year, going to my first ever Hillsong Conference. It’s just so humbling to see the body of Christ altogether, called to do different things but nonetheless by the Lord Himself. And to see the heart of Hillsong Church and its awesome leaders for the people. So so humbling and lifted up at the same time. I kept hearing “Rise up” in my spirit. As though Daddy God wants me to step out in this season. To go where I have yet passed before.

Can’t wait for next year!


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