Isaac & Cheryl :: Breathtaking under water

Had the great honor and privilege this July to be a blessing to an amazing couple and friends- Isaac & Cheryl, on their big day! πŸ˜€ Having been there from the very beginning to help them come up with ideas to create a dream wedding for them both was not a simple task, butΒ definitely fulfilling.

Did up the cocktail/ mad lip area for them with 2 of their favorite colors in mind- red and purple. As I planned, submerging flowers under water seemed to be an idea that popped and Cheryl loved it a lot! But it didn’t help that it was my first time creating something like that. Heeeee. But THANK GOD! All things worked out for good for Isaac & Cheryl ^.^

It’s been a bit more than 2 months since the divine union of these newly weds, but yet when I recall back on that day, I’m still vividly reminded by how beautiful it was. God has been so faithful towards these 2 precious ones and their journey just so filled with His presence. It was never an easy journey, but with tons of God’s fingerprints on it, one could not ask for more.

(Photo Credits- Marvin Lowe Photography)

Indeed, Jesus makes all things new



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