Upsize to Oriental, please?

Have been getting quite a few customization requests recently for Chinese New Year (YAY! HOLIDAY! FOOD! ANG BAO!) And I’ve been happily receiving them! Just love it that I get to come home from work to make accessories. Such a refuge from everything else during the day. Yes it can be alot of work and patience to make just one piece, but I do love it much.

Anyways with all the blog shops going all floral recently, especially since it’s CNY, I thought it would be fun to add some oriental feel to my necklaces πŸ™‚


The one on top is actually an adaptation of the ‘Garden Coral’ necklace from my latest collection. Love it when people request for certain colours to match cos it pushes me to explore other colour combinations which (thank God) turns out real pretty most of the time.



Love how delicate and beautiful they all turned out!

Finally sent out all the necklaces yesterday and am hoping against all odds that my customers get them before the weekend!



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