Adorninglory is a humble blog and online shop that hopes to inspire people with every individually unique handmade craft/accessory founded on the month of  July 2011. I’ve always loved the word ‘glory’. Always loved how the word rolls around my tongue. In and of itself, the word spells such wonders and beauty. Thus, the label name: Adorninglory.
Here in Adorninglory, each piece is the representation of uniqueness as there are no  two identical creations sold here in Adorninglory. Each accessory is hand-crafted with love.

I also love the fact that I get to share my thought about things from fashion to house decor with people. Its purpose is to inspire. To inspire you to have your own sense of beauty whether if it’s in fashion or not. To inspire you to know and believe, that your opinions matter. Cos that’s what led me to creating Adorninglory! 

**Kindly note that prices of items from previous collections are not valid for current purchases. Do enquire for prices. Thank you!


The Crafter


Name’s Haylee Sofia Cheu.!
And I’m born and breed a true blue Singaporean since Aug’ 88. I love everything pretty and pleasing to the eyes: Flowers, books, weddings, fashion,  accessories, music and colours; to say the least. My dream is to have a shop of my own with all those things in it, with an ice cream parlour where all are welcome! I’ve always deemed fashion as something personal and comfy. With no experience in the Arts or designing except for a few drawing classes here and there, I started my first accessories business in a retail shop- Haylee Distractions I was part-timing at when I was 17, going through my polytechnic years. 

Adorninglory is a journey I’m thankful I’ve embarked on. It’s what I love and am passionate about. This is who I am! And hopefully, you get inspired 🙂
Do leave a comment should you feel like it. I would love to get to know you! Every single comment is an encouragement from you to keep me going! Thank you for dropping by to take a peek yeah? You have no idea how much it means to me!

Also join me at:

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         ♥Haylee Sofia

{latest updated- August 2011}


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