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By His glory



A mini impromptu photoshoot from CNY 2nd day at my friend’s place! Photography by the superbly talented and anointed Shavonne from Zhiffy Photography! Having just turned 21 last year end, my darling friend already has quite a number of publications and experiences under her belt.

You wouldn’t believe her age if you were to just look at the genre of her photography. And of course, wouldn’t you be as proud as I am should you have a friend with such accomplishments!? 😉

Blessed Chinese New Year!!

Blessed Chinese New Year everyone! I hope you guys had fun visiting relatives and friends the last 2 days! It was great to catch up with family for me. 🙂 Especially receiving news that I have 2 cousins getting married this year and the next!! And I’m gonna be a bridesmaid for one of them!! Super excited!!! Gonna share some CNY fashion with you guys so here goes!

Day 1!

That’s me on the left with my baby sister at the right! Doesn’t she look adorable! Hee! I styled her! Somehow both days we ended up wearing something similar. And as you can see, we went gray with pops of colour for the first day!


I reused most of my accessories except for my new pair of golden ballet flats and my $25 grey cotton dress which I love!

Cousins and nieces!!! I adore this picture!! All of them look so glorious!

And of course, never fail to look up and bask in awe.

Day 2!

Day 2! We wore matching pleated skirt and dress! My top was only 10 bucks and my dress was from my recent Taiwan trip which comes up to about 4 bucks!


My strappy tassle heels I got from Charles and Keith and my sister’s oxford heels from Forever21.

And some fooling around with the siblings and parents! Hee!

Welcome to Taiwan!

I know I know, I promised pictures eons ago. Nonetheless, here they are now!

Taiwan’s a place where everything’s inclusive- sight-seeing, shopping, eating.. They have it all. This was my first trip of the year and my first trip to Taiwan as well. We did a lot of one-day tours to mainly the mountains areas at the north of Taiwan. I literary overcame mountains at the start of this new year! So it was pretty tiring. But I would love to go back there again, maybe another season of the year (I visited during winter) to experience a different side of the country!

Pictures ahead!



In SG, there’s just no way to be able to wear so many layers and feel cool which is why I loved the weather there! While I was packing, I was really packing for a fashion show HEE. And it really helps a lot by planning out your outfits as you pack. And a lot of basics to mix and match!


And boy there are just such amazing scenery surrounding. Pity there was too much fog everywhere if not I would have shot more pictures. These are basically taken from my Instagram (hayleesofia).



And fooooddddd. SG 7 ELEVEN, WHY YOU NO TEA EGGS??




This was my reunion dinner this afternoon! First meal with the entire family ever since we moved in to the new house!

Here’s to a Blessed Chinese New Year!