Memories to Last

If you have been following my posts on Instagram (@Adorninglory) & FacebookΒ , you might’ve seen some random efforts of mine in preserving a huge bouquet of flowers I received from my boyfriend on my last birthday. We weren’t together yet, but to keep the long story short, it was a really special bouquet to me πŸ™‚

Anywho, that’s not what I really wanna share. But I know there are so many of you out there who receive a bouquet of beauties but yet have no idea what to do with them! And that’s what I wanted to share with you πŸ™‚

So here’s when I first received the bouquet, trying very hard to contain my excitement and surprise. You can tell how much I love that bouquet by the amount of pictures I took of/with it.!






Even when dried up, they still looked super pretty!


So after banishing it to my balcony after what seems to have been 5 months or so (?!) Β I finally decided to get a medicine jar to preserve them dried up beauties.

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… and TADAH! Now I have a medicine jar full of beautiful blooms to keep πŸ˜€


Darren & Alison’s Wedding- Full Highlights

Remember my post about Darren & Alison’s beautiful union? (Read all about it here)Β Well a dear friend of theirs blessed them with a wedding video by Bluesheep Productions! I’ve been secretly waiting and waiting for this video to be done as I knew Tanya (the young and super-talented owner/videographer of Bluesheep Productions) had included some snippets of the decor I did for the couple!

And it’s been close to 2 months but it’s finally out!! Watching the video refreshed my memory of that beautiful wedding. Be moved with emotions for this 2 couples as you enjoy this video!


Darren & Alison’s: A Union of 2 Generous Hearts

Had the pleasure of being part of D&A’s wedding early November this year! Been a while since I last did weddings and I was just reminded of how much job I find in doing them, having the honor of blessing a couple on one of the biggest events in their lives πŸ™‚

Both Darren & Alison are one of the most loving couple towards others I know πŸ™‚ Never afraid to be themselves, having no reserve in loving people; they have such gentle spirits. And by bringing these 2 whole people together, I know that they are going to be such a power couple in blessing the people around them!


Didn’t really get a chance to snap a proper picture with the newly weds 😦
Leading up to the wedding, the boyfriend did a pre-wedding video for them as well. A short video for them to share their story and how Jesus really divinely brought them together, leading up to their wedding. I tagged along and took some pictures while they sweat in the sun hee!





Okay back to the decor of the wedding, Alison chose a dusty blue/grey look to adorn the reception area. Went flower- shopping and here’re some of my loots:

Some really beautiful Eucalyptus Nuts. They are just absolutely fascinating to look at! Those little caps are filled with the fluffy blooms! Some of the nuts were almost blooming and they looked like they were bursting out in abundance!

Also bought some soft cream roses and (my favorite of all time) dried lavender.



Washi-taped some paper cups in all sorts of different patterns, and filled them up with popcorn! It was a hit with the kids πŸ˜‰ Wonderful idea by the bride.







Did up some alphabet- separators for the place cards as well!


IMG_6328 IMG_6424

And a dreamy photobooth area with helium balloons and fairy lights!!! Throughout the wedding lunch, when I cam out to keep the decor, there were toddlers playing happily with the left over helium balloons! Note to self- balloons are an awesome idea.

Besides the decor, the bride Alison also placed a customized order of handmade boutonniere for the groom and his groomsmen!

Again, made use of mainly blue, peach and an ivory satin for these creations πŸ˜‰ Made 2 different designs to play things up!



Super happy that I made these babies! All in 1 night! Prior to this project I was just having the longest hiatus in making anything! And I didn’t realize how much I missed making them till that night πŸ™‚ Really am so thankful for this gift.

What a beautiful thing this union was πŸ™‚ and how blessed I am to have been a part of it. Bring’em weddings on!!!

Wei Liang & Janice: Celebration perfection

I have soooo much for you guys to catch up with! Have been involved with a few more wedding projects, this time doing it for a cousin. Wei Liang (my cousin) and Janice finally put an end to their 10 years-long courtship (GASP!!). Having been together since the end of their polytechnic schools days, they have all along seemed to me like a couple that has been married for a few years already!



While doing my consultation with them, Janice was the one who spoke more, given that my cousin’s more soft-spoken. And as I heard them share with me their wedding plans, I saw a couple who want to please their family and friends. The wedding dinner wasn’t as much about them as it was about their guests. Inviting me to come in and help them on decorating their reception was something that was the “them”- factor.





(Picture credits to Mojoideas)

Obviously the colour theme was blue and yellow. Those colour combinations really reminded me of unexpected playfulness; so that’s the direction I went with the flowerΒ arrangements!



Some pictures I took with my iPhone!




I actually got so excited for the project that the night before, I couldn’t really sleep. And so I spent my supposedly-sleeping time preparing all the arrangements T.T – from 1am to about 4am!!Β Goodness me. But I was really enjoying every bit of my sleepless hours with those beautifully-adorned flowers.

And here’s proof that I was WIDE-AWAKE during the wedding O.O



My beautiful little sister and I that night, clearly enjoying our food! ;D